Trademark winter school

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A unique winter school organized by AIPR has launched on 23.02.2023 first time in Armenia. Did you heard about it?

If you:
• You are a student studying at the Faculty of Law who has not yet decided what specialization to choose;
• You are a lawyer working in the field of practice, who is closely related to the problems arising in the field of intellectual property;
• or you are just interested in the field and want to develop your knowledge,
then our winter school is for you.
The courses will be held from February 23 to March 16, 2023 at the Ramada Hotel, at 19:00-21:00.
The selected topics are the most current and the speakers are the best in the field։
- 23.02.2023 - "Introductory part: what is a trademark and how is it regulated in RA" - speaker Kristine Hambaryan - (Head of Intellectual Property Office);
-25.02.2023 - "Questions of trademark protection assessment"- speaker Ara Khzmalyan (lawyer, patent attorney, Adwise partner);
-27.02.2023 - "Responsibility in trademark disputes" - speaker Vanik Margaryan (patent attorney, lawyer, mediator, partner of AM law firm);
-28.02.2023 - "Protection of trademarks and unfair competition" - speaker Narine Avagyan (RA anti-corruption court judge, PhD);
-02.03.2023 - "Expertise" - speaker, a specialist in the trademark department of the Intellectual Property Office;
-04.02.2023 - "Consequences of not using a trademark" - speaker Alex Nahapetyan (patent attorney, lawyer, partner of Nahapet & Co IP Law Firm);
-10.03.2023 "Famous trademarks" - speaker Natalya Sinitsina (patent attorney of the Russian Federation, lecturer at the British Higher School of Design);
-13.03.2023 "Trade marks and geographical indications, places of origin. Their correlation" - Yevgeniya Nikoghosyan (Russian-Armenian University, UFAR lecturer, lawyer, PhD);
-15.03.2023 "Parallel import" - speaker Gohar Gevorgyan (lawyer, attorney specialized in intellectual property law, director of ELL partnership);
-16.03.2023 "Commercialization of the trademark" - speaker Karen Musayelyan (patent attorney of the Russian Federation, co-founder of PatentLab).
There will also be work discussions (workshops), where you will be taught:
1. "Composition of a trademark application" - Sanasar Gevorgyan (specialized lawyer in the field of intellectual property law, Knyazyan&Partners)
2. "Madrid system" - Angela Abrahamyan (IP&business lawyer, Legelata law firm)
3. Registration in the customs registry: Sanasar Gevorgyan.
Register by writing to , get new and deep knowledge and implement it in the market.