Helen Avagyan held a lecture for the members of the AIPR

The Association by aiming to contribute to the improvement of the qualifications of its members organizes occasional exclusive lectures only for the Members, which are conducted by the best local and foreign specialists․
The serial exclusive lecture was organized by the AIPR on April 06, 2023, and delivered by Helen Avakyan: Vice President and member of the Council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation and Chairwoman of the Intellectual Property Dispute Board of the Arbitration Centre at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
The lecture was dedicated to Interesting Court Cases Involving Intellectual Property in Russia and provided an insightful overview of significant legal battles that have shaped the intellectual property landscape in Russia. Mrs. Avakyan shed light on several intriguing cases, highlighting the complexities and challenges faced by individuals and organizations in protecting their intellectual property rights in the country.
The cases discussed highlighted the complexities of intellectual property laws, including copyright infringement, trademark disputes, and competition law. It emphasized the need for strong legal frameworks and effective enforcement mechanisms to protect intellectual property.
The lecture not only enhanced the understanding of the legal landscape but also stimulated a thought-provoking discussion among the attendees. The cases served as valuable lessons for field professionals, highlighting the importance of proactive intellectual property strategies to mitigate legal risks and protect innovations.
Overall, the lecture was informative, engaging, and offered a comprehensive overview of intriguing court cases in the realm of intellectual property.